High Bay LED Lights are ideal for illuminating large indoor areas. Large areas for example warehouses, factories, schools, gyms, department stores more often than not have a large area to cover, both horizontally and vertically. Because of this powerful lighting is required to illuminate the floor area to the desired level. Any ceiling at a height of 20 feet or more from the floor requires high bay lighting to illuminate the area sufficiently.

Benefits of High Bay LED Lights:

Long Lifespan: LED High Bay lighting can last up to 10 years.  LEDs last 10 times longer than HID Metal Halide and Fluorescent lights which reduces maintenance costs.

Energy efficient: The energy efficient nature means no heat is lost during production, so the lamp stays cool to the touch. LED High Bay Lights use less energy to create the same lumens as conventional light fixtures. This means a decrease in your electricity bills when you choose LED over Metal Halide or Fluorescent.

Light consistency: When compared to conventional lighting LED high bay lighting has a more uniform and instant light output. There is no delay, and the lights never flicker.

We have a large stock of High Bay LED Lights which are ideal for any new build or retrofit. If you need any more information on our range of High Bay LED Lights simply call us now on 045 529 020 and we will be only too happy to help.


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