Why should you buy LED?

There are many good reasons to buy LED Lights such as they can lower electricity bills and are environmentally friendly.

They have a life expectancy over 50000 hours in comparison to conventional incandescent lamps 2500 hours life expectancy. That’s 25 times more light life for your money and an estimated failure life up to more than 100000 hours.

In general LEDs work on 12 to 24 and 220 volts and they generate more light per watt than ordinary bulbs and up to 85% savings on your running costs. For example a 4 watt LED bulb will give the same light output as a 50 watt halogen bulb or an ordinary baton fitting bulb in your sitting room, which consumes 100 watts of electricity can be replaced with a 9 watt led equivalent lamp that’s over 90% less power consumption.

LED bulbs are generally more expensive to buy than conventional bulbs but your investment is rapidly returned by the major savings because of the minimal power consumption by the LED in comparison. It is a win win situation less electricity costs and longer life.

The Environment will benefit from the change over to LED as they do not contain any mercury or have a filament that is easily damaged even when installing. An LED bulb is made up of a semiconductor and the movement of electrons in the conductor omit a bright light which you can choose either warm white, natural white and day light they do not generate heat which is good for the environment and they can be handled even after use. They do not damage easily as they do not have a filament or any glass which can be easily broken or damaged.

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