Commercial LED lighting from LED Lightech

LED Lightech offers commercial LED lighting to a huge number of businesses and sectors across Ireland. The benefits of switching to commercial LED lighting goes far beyond saving on energy costs. There’s a huge number of sector-specific benefits to commercial LED lighting too, from food production and healthcare to industrial and retail uses. Our products are high-quality, we provide client-specific LED lighting solutions to companies across Ireland. LED Lightech supply every product for you commercial lighting needs. These range from emergency LED lighting to underwater LED lighting.

Low energy use means you can have more light for lower costs than traditional lighting as well as a much improved visual experience. They have a life expectancy over 50000 hours in comparison to conventional incandescent lamps 2500 hours life expectancy. That’s 25 times more light life for your money and an estimated failure life up to more than 100000 hours. You can browse our extensive range of commercial LED lighting ranges below.

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