Upgrading to LED?

LEDs are an incredibly useful technology that is fast becoming the first choice of residential and commercial property owners and developers, facility operators, and lighting experts alike. If you are looking for more information on LEDs or are considering an LED lighting conversion please contact LED Lightech ltd. We have the expertise to help you!

Why LED?

Carbon Emissions

By using LED you cut carbon emissions up to 80%. LED lighting has been recognised as one of the most actionable and ready-to-implement technologies for cities and homes to transition to a low carbon economy and peak emissions in the next decade.

Energy Costs

LED lighting systems offer great opportunities for cost effective energy saving. In many industries such as manufacturing, high levels of lighting are required and lighting energy costs can be high. In such industries, lighting improvements can often be the largest energy saving potential available. With LED you can save up to 70% on your lighting costs.


LEDs are so small they can be used in virtually any application. They can be combined in bunches for a traditional bulb, used in isolation as a small device light, or strung out in sequence in a linear fashion. Just about everything you can think of can be done with LEDs.


One of the most significant advantages of LEDs when compared to traditional lighting is the long lifespan. The average LED lasts 50,000 operating hours to 100,000 operating hours or more. That is up to 6 times as long as most fluorescent lights.


The most significant advantage of LEDs when compared to traditional lighting solutions is the long lifespan. An average LED lasts up to 100,000 operating hours or more. It is more than 40 times as long as the average incandescent bulb.

Improved Safety

Safety is perhaps the most often overlooked advantage when it comes to LED lighting. The number one hazard when it comes to lighting is the emission of heat. LEDs emit almost no forward heat while traditional bulbs like incandescents convert more than 90% of the total energy used to power them directly into heat.

What We Can Do?

Site Survey

LED Lightech ltd will visit your premises and assess your current lighting system. This survey gives you accurate information about your current lighting set up, including the running costs verses the LED lighting options available to you.


We will analyse all the data we gathered from the site survey and provide a detailed quotation. Which will outline your current lighting costs and then comparatively advise on the LED lighting options best suited for your business. It will also include projected power consumption and highlight energy and CO2 savings year on year for the proposed LED Lights. We will also give you options on different lighting colours, wattage and lumens.


When a pricing and lighting design is agreed. We can deliver your new lights to your premises and begin installation to a time that best suits your needs. Our qualified electricians will install the lights in a timely and efficient manner with minimum interruption to your daily work .

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